Anderson Society  |  Stand Sure

Armstrong Clan Society | Semper Invictus (I Remain Unvanquished)

Bailey Society International | Glaodh Sgrios (Cry Havoc)

Baird Family Society Worldwide | Dominus Fecit (The Lord Made)

Barclay International | Aut Agere ut Mori (Either Action or Death)

Bell North America | I Beir the Bel

Blair Society | Amo probos (I Love the Righteous) - Blair of that Ilk | Virtute Tutus (By Virtue Safe)

House of Boyd Society | Confido (I Trust)

Brown Society | Floreat Majestas (Let Majesty Flourish)

Family of Bruce International | Fuimus (We Have Been) 

Buchan Association | Non Inferiora Sectus (Not Having Followed Mean Pursuits)

Buchanan Society International | Clarior Hinc Honos (Hence the Greater Honor)

House of Burnett | Virescit Vulnee Virtus (Virtue Flourishes From A Wound)

lan Cameron | Aonaibh Ri Cheile (Unite)

Campbell Society of North America | Ne Obliviscaris (Forget Not)

Carmichael USA | Toujours Pest (Aye Ready)

Chattan Association | Touch Not the Cat But a Glove

Chisholm Society - International | Feros Ferio (I am Fierce With the Fierce)

Clan Cian | Seabhach Abu (Hawk Victory) - Flecti Non Frangi (Bending Not Breaking)

Cochrane - North America | Virtute et Libore (By Virtue and Labor)

Colquhoun Society of North America | Si Je Puis (If I Can)

Craig Association of America } Vivo Deo et Vives (Live with God and You Live) - J'ai Bonne Esperance (I Have Good Hope)

Crawford Association | Tutum Te Rebore Reddam (You Will Be Safe By My Strength)

Cumming Society of America | Courage (Fearlessness)

Cunningham International | Over Fork Over

Davidson Society USA | Sapienter Si Sincere (Wisely, if Sincerely)

Clan Donald | Donald North Pacific | Per Mare Per Terras (By Sea By Land)

Donnachaidh | Donnachaidh PNW | Virtutis Gloria Merces (Glory is the Reward of Valour)