A lovely place of worship is in need of help, and Struan Kirk is such a place.  This building has been central to Clan Donnachaidh for countless of generations, ever since Celtic Christianity reached Perthshire many centuries ago.  The present building is from the 19th century, but is build on the spot where all the earlier church buildings have stood.  Your Clan Society, working together with the families of some of us whose ancestors are buried in this churchyard, has succeeded in persuading the central church authorities not to put Struan Kirk on the open market...for the moment.  For the meantime, they will give preference to an offer from our owner world-wide family, negotiating through the Society, to acquire the building for future generations of Robertsons, Duncans, Reids, and the many other Clan Donnachaidh family names.  We all, as kinfolk, can help contribute to the preservation of our heritage.  For more information on exactly how we can contribute, please go directly to the following Clan Society webpage:    http://www.donnachaidh.com/kirk.html